CHINACAN重磅预告 | 金属包装的检测技术革新

Title of Presentation:

Inspection in Metal Packaging-Technological Innovations 

Speaker : Kitty Wan

Description of topics covered

Introduction to the latest inspection innovations, products, and practical applications in the metal packaging industry.

CanNeed instrument is a company focused on R&D, product quality and service for each client.

We provide the inspection instruments with the most leading technique for metal canmaking, brewery , beverage and integrated circuit(IC) industries worldwide. Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Ball Metal Container, etc., are using a lot the instruments produced by CanNeed. Clients like them love to feed back their new inquiries to us and we will try our best to sort out all the issues they met. Thanks to their opinions and demands, we develop more and more new products and make progress in our industry. 

CanNeed Instrument has the most leading technique around the world, she is now providing the most leading inspection instruments for the clients, because of this, CanNeed Instrument Ltd. continuous to keep a rapid growth at a rate of 50% every year, and the annual growth rate comes from the new products mainly.

The slogan of CanNeed is “You Need, We Can!” We will try our best to meet the customers’ needs!

CanNeed is associated with global partners, wins the hearts of clients with comprehensive instrument and professional service, and has achieved great sales volume, whose customers are from all over the world.


演讲嘉宾:Kitty Wan




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CanNeed嘉仪的宗旨:You Need, We Can! 尽我们所能,满足客户需要!